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Explore the vast potential of our platform, where cryptocurrency isn't just about transactions — it's an avenue to amplify your earnings and expand your financial horizons. Dive into the world of Galactix, where gaming isn't just a task, but an opportunity to thrive and grow.

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    Explore Your Cosmic Finances with Portfolio

    Your portfolio at is your ultimate financial hub, providing a comprehensive view of your current balances and historical performance. Keep track of your assets in USD, GLX, and various cryptocurrencies easily. Here`s what you`ll find in your portfolio:

    Account Balance: Stay updated on your total USD balance, combining your playing wallet and vault for a comprehensive overview of your financial status.

    Historical Balance: Track how your balance has evolved with hourly, daily, or monthly views, offering valuable insights into your financial journey.

    Vault: Safeguard your crypto assets in our secure vault, where you can store and manage your preferred currencies while capitalizing on market trends. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your treasures are protected while exploring the cosmos.

    GLX Balance: Monitor your holdings ofGalactix native token, GLX, unlocks exclusive benefits and rewards across the platform. Maximize your Galactix experience by keeping a close eye on your GLX balance.

    Wallet Balance: Easily access the balance available for gameplay in your wallet. Transfer funds seamlessly between your wallet and vault for flexible gaming options.

    Vault Balance: Your Vault Balance is your cosmic fortress, where you can securely store and manage your crypto assets confidently. advanced security measures protect your funds from interstellar threats while granting you easy access and control over your digital treasures.

    Dividend Pool: Share in Galactix earnings by holding GLX tokens, which entitle you to a portion of the dividend pool. Utilize your earnings as you see fit, enhancing your cosmic adventures.

    Mining Price: Stay ahead of the game with insights into different game mining prices. Act quickly to mine GLX tokens before the next price increase, maximizing your rewards.

    With portfolio, managing your cosmic finances has never been easier. Explore now and embark on a journey to financial freedom in the galaxy!

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